The Directors of the Company are closely involved in social welfare activities like helping the poor and needy people, education support, religious activities and helping communities who were affected by natural calamities. One such example is the adoption of a village which is located 65kms from Chennai, Uyyalikuppam, Kanchipuram District near Neiveli was badly affected by the Tsunami in the year 2004. The management of the company whole heartedly came forward to rehabilitate the village which is mainly consisting of fishing community. Besides the management built for them a Maa Durga’s Temple of Oothukattu Annan along with community hall etc. Today the village has grown and became very prosperous in the region and maintaining the peaceful living.

Tsunami disaster happened in 26th december 2004

Massively affected area

Maa Durga

Maa Durga Temple

Mr. R. S Sandhu & Nirmal Sandhu